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Best Games Developer Investments of 2016

Buying stocks in the gaming industry can be extremely lucrative if you know where to look and do your homework. With the gaming community in it’s prime, now is a good time to build up your stocks and increase capital. Games such as Call of Duty and FIFA are always going to pull in millions of sales so developers such as Activision would be your safest options. However there are some games developers on the rise with the potential to become much larger at a rapid pace. Here are the top three games developer investments of 2016.

  1. Activision

Activision will always be a major player in the gaming industry due to their blockbuster franchise in Call Of Duty. Stocks are currently sitting at roughly $41.58 which is a healthy number. If you were lucky enough to invest in January 2016 when they announced their new Call Of Duty title would be “Infinite Warfare” you could have had a bargain of $25 per stock. This is due to the fact that gamers across the world were utterly disappointed with the new game as it’s set in Space. However, since then the price has rocketed back up with fans excited for the additional Call Of Duty Modern Warfare remastered edition being released. It’s safe to say that Activision stockholders will be pleased with their investments and their capital should continue to grow in the future. Activision are always on the rise and they are a stable company to invest in.

  1. Electronic Arts

EA games are another stable games developer with lots of different titles being released every year. Their most popular title is FIFA with the franchise releasing a new game every year. Sales always meet the expectations with fans pleased all year round. The current stock price is roughly $76.20 which looks like it will continue to rise throughout the rest of this year. The stock price has constantly risen over the years and you would be in a large profit if you invested early in 2016. EA have taken advantage of the increasing popularity of UFC. They have started designing UFC games for the Xbox One and PS4 consoles pulling in millions of fans worldwide. This has contributed greatly to their sales and they recently announced the return of the Fight Night boxing franchise. This will only increase sales even further making you more of a profit.

  1. Take Two Interactive

Take Two Interactive are one of the largest multi national gaming giants who wholly own Rockstar Games. Rockstar are responsible for one of the most successful gaming franchises, Grand Theft Auto. GTA is one of the best selling game franchises of recent years and will always manage to sell millions of copies worldwide. Investors have already made a lot of profit from investing in them and it looks almost certain that these profits will continue to increase. You can currently buy stocks for roughly $40.67 which is quite generous considering the true potential there. They should be able to reach the value of EA stocks in the near future so now is a good time to invest. If you invested early in 2016 you could have got stocks for around $31 showing a nice steady increase. As long as Rockstar Games keep developing spectacular games in their Grand Theft Auto series, Take Two stocks will continue to grow.

Investing in games developers can be risky but if you do your homework and watch out for all the latest news you should be fine. Remember the community are key to stock prices and if the developers aren’t impressing fans, the stocks will decrease in value. Games like Grand Theft Auto and Call Of Duty are two of the most popular games on the planet and that has to be taken into account.

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