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How to Put More Money In Your Pocket

Do you know what is one of the simplest ways to have more money at the end of every month? Improving your credit score! It’s true! Having good credit is the key to getting a lower interest on your mortgage or car loan, obtaining a good credit card with excellent benefits and sometimes can be the difference between getting a good-paying job or losing out.

Sites such as can be essential in improving your credit score, with strategies and tips for repairing your credit history on your own and reviews of the many companies out there that can assist you in dealing with the three major credit bureaus.

How Good Credit Helps

Low Interest Rates

Lending institutions take a very close look at your credit score when you apply for a car or home loan. When you have a lower score, such as below 700, you are going get a higher interest rate. That means a lot more money paid out of your pocket over the life of the loan. A higher score means you are much less of a risky borrower, so it is cheaper for lenders to give you money.

The Best Credit Cards

Many times, banks with great credit cards that have desirable points programs or cashback bonuses won’t even consider applicants with low credit scores. That means that you will miss out on benefits like free gas, extra airline miles and complimentary hotel stays, all of which you can rack up in points programs. The catch is, you need to be able to get the credit cards and spend with those cards. If you have a poor credit rating, you are out of luck.

Deals On Car Insurance

Some states don’t allow auto insurance companies to look at customers’ credit scores, but in most of America, insurers look at credit, among a host of other factors. That means those with higher credit scores can be gifted with lower rates and better insurance than drivers with bad credit.

Beyond all that you can get cheaper cell phone plans and better jobs with good credit. That’s right. Many companies run your credit during the hiring process and low scores/red flags can make you a much less desirable candidate. That is especially true in the financial services and banking industries. You need to be able to manage your own money if you want to help people manage theirs.

For these reasons, and many others, it makes sense to peruse to see how you can raise your credit score. Being able to get low interest rates and the best credit cards is a financial leg up in a competitive economic environment. So, start researching and building up that sorry credit score!

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