International Travel Cost Saving Tips

There has been a resurgence of international travel in the past 18 months as cost for travel has been more affordable.  Many are taking advantage of the reduce costs to travel outside of the country.  Here is several cost saving tips on how to make your dollar get your further when thinking of planning a trip.

First consider using a service like to research and book your travel. offers price match.  This is a service which allows a traveler to claim a refund for the different price for the same reservation.  This service is valid for up to 24 hours before you begin your travel.  There are a few conditions like they reservation must be available on line and have the same check-in and out dates as well as have the same cancellation policy in place.

Most properties and airlines offer booking through services like because it allows them to reach a wide variety of clientele that may not find their offering through traditional methods.  As a result, their property or service might remain unused so it is better to offer through services like and offer at a reduced price versus not having a booking at all.  Also, if you have any flexibility on travel dates, you may find that prices can be drastically reduced depending on when you want to travel especially if it is off-peak season.

It is easy to make changes to your reservation without having to pay excess change fees.  It also makes it easy to communicate with a property in a different time zone.  The online service is open 24/7 and they can easily accommodate making changes.  You have control of determining how and where you want to stay. There are reviews listed of other travelers so you can determine if there are any red flags before booking.  These things can save travelers lots of money and headaches from dealing with unresponsive properties or areas that might not be as safe for foreigner travelers.

All reservations are paid for in advance so there is no exchange of money during travel and it reduced the chance that a travel can be robbed.  International travel offers travelers the chance to see the world and using booking services expands your reach to find accommodations.

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