7 Negotiating Tips to Beat a Car Salesperson

We’ve all heard that stereotype of the shifty used car dealer who is out to bilk you for all you’re worth. Indeed, the stereotype is so prevalent, it’s hard to ignore it when you’re talking to a salesperson at times. There’s a reason for the stereotype, however: car salespeople are in business to get you… Continue Reading

How Will My School Receive My Student Loan Disbursement?

You’re all set to start school but there’s one question nagging at you: How is your school going to receive your college student loan funds? Most loans are disbursed by your lender or the federal government directly to your school. However, it’s still wise to keep tabs on your student loan disbursement process to ensure your school is… Continue Reading

Retiring in a Down Economy

You may have been planning for your entire working life for this time to retire, only to end up retiring into one of the worst economic times in decades.  That is something that can’t be planned for, but there are things that you can do to help yourself be prepared.  That is why it is… Continue Reading