Yakezie Carnival

Proud to be hosting my first carnival ever! I hope I do it right!

My Favorites

Lily @ Paying Debt Down writes Can you pass this Financial Quiz from 10 years ago? – About a decade ago a Wharton business school professor and some colleagues put together 3 questions that were designed to do one thing; discover whether consumers had the financial knowledge they needed to make effective decisions.

Danielle @ TeacHer Finance writes It Seems Cliche, but Always Pay Yourself First – One of the biggest challenges to the average consumer in the United States is building wealth, especially with so many people living “paycheck to paycheck”.

Bob @ Dwindling Debt writes You Need to Automate Your Savings – Behavioral finance scholars Shlomo Benartzi of UCLA and Richard Thaler of the University of Chicago have done some fascinating research in the area of 401(k)s.

Aaron @ Aaron Hung writes Save while young; not when you’re old – Easier never came and 30-years after college graduation she doesn’t have any money saved for retirement.

Josh @ Money Spruce writes 10 Rules For Building Wealth – Many consumers worry that they will never have enough money to retire comfortably or build a substantial amount of wealth.

Other Great Articles!

Julie @ Low Income Financial Help writes Organize Yourself Rich – It’s Easier Than You Think – Getting ahead in life is a two-strategy game. Yes, you need your income, which is your offense; but you also need to play good defense to limit the damage from your outgoings.

Max @ My Family Finances writes Some Really Good Reasons NOT to Buy a Home! – The American dream of home ownership has been written into the fabric of American life for as long as America has been a country, but the fact is that owning a home isn’t the right move for everyone.

Justin @ iPlugin writes Are Apple Pay and PayPal About to do Battle? – Millennials as well as millions of other consumers are starting to pay for their purchases using their smart phones, and they’re doing it in droves.

Danielle @ Saving Without a Budget writes Looking to Tap Into Your Home Equity? Consider These 5 Factors First! – Many homeowners in the United States were cut off from one of the most popular sources of funds during the recent housing bust, the equity in their homes.

Matt @ Budget Snob writes New Book Looks at New Ways Americans are Achieving Financial Freedom – Depending on which analyst or talking head you listen to, the “American Dream” is doomed, or at least highly endangered.

Marissa @ Thirty Six Months writes Ten Advantages of Online Invoicing – Online billing is a superior method for accounting for small business, and for organizing and carrying out a critical company function.

Oscar @ Money is the Root writes Lower Your Electric Bill – Most Americans don’t realize that, even when they aren’t using one of their many electronic appliances and devices, those same appliances can still be using up quite a bit of energy.

Andrea @ So Over This writes The Real Financial Cost of Youth Sports – How much does it cost for your kids to get out of the house for a few hours, and shoot a few hoops, or play some catch, or even a game of football with the neighbor kids? The answer is, not very much at all.

Amy @ Money Mishaps writes Contrary to popular belief, there are wrong ways to save – If, like many Americans, you’re keen on saving money, whether it’s for an emergency fund, retirement savings or paying for your child’s college tuition, it’s certainly a great idea.

Lenny @ Best Money Saving Blog writes Shopping at a Warehouse Store? Follow these 5 Rules to Save Even More – The old axiom in business is that, if you want to make money, you have to spend. If you shop at warehouse stores however, you actually have to spend money in order to save money.

Katie @ IRA Basics writes Retirement Fun Needs Planning – The chances of old age being fun are much more dependent upon living a financially responsible life than ever before.

Jack @ Money Saving Ethics writes Improve your Returns with these Top Investing Tips – Smart investors are constantly educating themselves so that they can make educated investing choices. (Makes sense, yes?) With that in mind, and with very little hyperbole, today’s blog brings you some of the best investing tips from around the net. Enjoy.

Hadley @ Epic Finances writes A Persuasive Argument For Owning International Stocks – With one of the most diverse economies on the planet, the United States drives global growth and has, for the most part, the best framework for shareholder protection.

Sam @ The New Business Blog writes Why i-Gaming Is On The Rise – Every single day, millions across the world log on to their laptops, PCs, smartphones and tablets and indulge in a spot of video poker, slots, roulette, blackjack, keno, baccarat and a host of other exciting casino games, playing on a host of sites that are enjoying a period of growth that has resulted in yearly global market volumes of $41.4 billion in total.

Scott @ Fearless Men writes How To Survive on Food You Hunt – Whether you’ve just chosen to eat wild game because it’s healthy and more rich in nutrients than store bought meat, you’ve gone off the grid to live a stress free life, or you’re preparing for the end of the world, there are some essential skills and supplies you will need in order to survive as a hunter/gatherer.

Jay @ Daily Fuel Economy Tip writes Why are oil and gas prices dropping and will the trend continue? – For the first time in almost 4 years the price of a gallon of gas has fallen below $3.00 on average across the nation, according to AAA.


Justin @ Edward Antrobus writes Three Pieces of Uncommon Advice for a Happy Financial Future – Everybody wants to be happy and secure in their older years. Most people suggest aggressive investment in order to have the cash to fund any lifestyle you want when you’re 65 or so.

Todd @ American Debt Project writes The Advantages of Trading Binary Options – Are you looking for a way to get more from your money? Putting it in a savings account won’t do much. Over time, inflation will eat away at it.

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